Tell us why you don’t want fracking in Ashfield.

Please leave a comment giving reasons as to why you wouldn’t want to see Fracking in Ashfield. If you are happy to add your name and postcode and for us to use the responses to lobby councillors and lodge objections then this could really help.  Thank you

3 thoughts on “Tell us why you don’t want fracking in Ashfield.”

  1. I don’t want Fracking in Ashfield because I care about local people and the environment being placed above corporate profits. I am scared that contamination of the surrounding area may occur leading to health problems and financial implications that these companies will not take responsibility for. This bothers me for myself and my families future as we would like to stay in this area.

  2. I dont want fracking in Ashfield because I want our environment and our health to be protected. We can see from what’s happened in Australia and America that fracking isnt safe and once that poison is in the land or in the air you cant take it out.

  3. Because it will affect peoples’ health & damage the local environment
    There is enough evidence now from America & Australia to show that fracking companies cannot be trusted.
    Say no for all our children.

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