Welcome to Frack Free Ashfield

Frack Free Ashfield is working to provide information, discussion and action to help protect our community from the possible side effects of Fracking. Click on our face book link to join us. If you live in Nottinghamshire then click here to see if your area has been granted provisional licences for fracking. If you live in or near Ashfield and would like to find out more or give your support then please come along to one of our friendly monthly meetings.

We will post up to date news about the potential for fracking in this area of Nottinghamshire and aim to create a strong case against these companies moving onto our land. Visit Here on the North Notts Frack Free site for an excellent article on the situation in Nottinghamshire and some actions you can take should you want to get involved.

If you have good contact with your local councillors and have them onside invite them to sign here at crosspartyfrackfree.uk – 82 have signed so far – Has yours?

If you are undecided on Fracking perhaps check out our videos page or watch this short video by 38 Degrees. Friends of the Earth also have a site that shows the very real dangers of fracking and provides links to news and actions that you can take.

This map below shows the extent of Fracking Licences, but may be a little out of date.. The concern is that many of the areas in orange still seem to be of intense interest to the Fracking companies. We know there is currently interest in sites across Nottinghamshire and specifically Mansfield and Ashfield.

If anyone has a more upto date map please let the group know.
If anyone has a more up to date map please let the group know.